crf 50 with lifan 125 motor please help reving issues

So let me start by saying I live in Maryland so its cold n snowy right now. When I got bike It did not run. Magneto coil was busted n cover due to chain popping so I replace whole thing also new flywheel. Bike started right up by would not rev correctly. So I cleaned carb still same all though before it would only run with choke off. Now I have needle clip set all the wat up . Bike runs way better with choke on if I turn choke off idle rises and it wants to shut off n if i rev it it pops n sounds like its missing. I had air filter off carb was coughing out gas a little. I have no clue where to go from here . Please help . And thanks!!

Also was smoking a little . Black smoke and I have a powercore4 on it just fyi. Thanks. I really wanna get this beast right!!

Man I really wish I could give you some hits, my pitster was doing this same thing after my stator got crushed. What fixed my issues was buying a new molkt carb, runs like a &%$#@!ing champ now though!

Had the same problem after replacing my stator (a few times on a few bikes). Always a carb problem and always just took a few days of playing to get it right.

A lean engine sometimes runs better choked because you are reducing air flow enough for the gas supply to keep up. Choking the carb makes it run rich no matter what so that explains your black smoke.

I still don't know what carburetor you have but I if it's anything like mine you have a air control screw for low end response (Not the idle screw). That screw adjusts air flow not gas flow. Don't do what I did before I knew better. The bike was running lean so I kept turning the screw out not knowing I was actually adding more airflow and increasing the problem.

A leak check should be performed first

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