need some opinions, im at a crossroads with my yz450

Quick back story, i bought a yz450 on craigslist, i never really got to ride it because it had issues( i didnt know that at the time)it wouldnt easily kick over and then it wouldnt start. I replaced the timming chain and cams and it fired right up then it dropped a valve seat and destroyed the head and piston and jug due to who ever reconditioned the head forced one of the intake valves in the guide( i was told when i bought the bike the head had just been rebuilt).


Heres where im at now, currently the bike has new shifter new brake foot brake lever new tusk pegs, i have stage 1 hotcams for it, a jd jet kit, new air filter, the plastics are farely new, new seat, new grips, tires are in pretty good shape, it has after market wheels already, the clutch and basket are all newer and performance. so its got a bunch of new stuff most of which i have bought and some came with the bike when i got it but ive priced out a head(new) and jug kit(480cc big bore) and it around 1700$ for what i want and to have the bike to really where i want it its about 3K$ total thats with a full exhaust and graphics and different color plastics and a few minor other things.


My question is should i continue with it or cut my losses, ive had someone offer 1000$ for the bike as is and so far with what i paid for the bike and what ive spent in it im sitting around 2600$ invested. I trail ride and dont have tons of expierence but i have road my buddys ttr225 and drz 125 ( which are all fun but IMO rather slow) and also my buddys yz250 2stroke which is almost alittle to much but i account that to it being a 2stroke with its on and off throttle reponse. I own a grizzly 700 atv and also like atvs and now im thinking of just dumping the bike and going with a raptor 700 or somthing along those lines.


So its either continue to roll with the project and invest atleast another 1700$ ontop of the 2600$ ive put into it just to get the bike running and then later spending more to get it exactly how i would like it or cut my losses and sell it for around 1000$ maybe more or less depending and look into getting a raptor.


I havent been riding for years and i dont mx so idk if a bored out yz450 is going to be for me for hitting the trails.


all thoughts are welcome



heres the bike before i took it back apart to to see if the head could be repaired which it cannot.



Personally, I would go for getting it running. A big bore kit on this IMO is overkill particularly for trail riding. Bone stock these bikes produce lots of power.


I don't know about where you are, but we don't have nearly as many places to ride quads as bikes.

I would get it running. Even if you want to sell it after I bet you'll make a little money.

Im in northern va so there arnt awhole lot of places to ride but i got a nice stretch by my house with like 5miles of trails. I just wanted to go big bore since its not alot more money then a 450cc jug kit.

Well i didnt get as many opinions as i wanted but i thank you both for yours and decieded to steam forward and build the bike. I found a head online yesterday that was more reasonably priced then the ones ive been looking at. Ill be sure to post a new thread of the full build once the parts start showing up. Thanks again!

Do not buy an exhaust. Believe It or not these were designed at the factory to be fast. There's zero benefit to buying an exhaust for an mx bike. Don't buy graphics either. The bike is old - get it running and just ride it. No big bore kit either because someday that big piston will need to be changed and they're not cheap. Build stock, ride stock. It's a mx race bike 450. It doesn't need help for trail riding except for suspension rekluse flywheel weight gearing etc


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