San Felipe 250

Pre-running starts Feb 14.

Race 27-28.

Whos goin?

Wanna pre-run with this old guy?

JackAttack, Kritter-lets meet up on Friday at Tech. Lunchtime? Do a little fun run afterwards?

Anyone else gonna be down there?

We'll be down there on the 26th through 28th (for the race anyways). Wont have room for the bikes, damn 39" tires :D.... Its a 'pit only weekend' :)


Consider it a date............I'll be in touch. :)

Went and preran the first 90 miles and the last 15 to the finish,this weekend. After you cross thru the sea of people at Zoo road I'd say you can look forward to a solid 14 miles of whoops! It's as rough as always.Also,I camped with friends at Petes Camp. Met some riders on Sunday camped next door,they were ripped off during the night.Thieves stole their generator and compressor! Lock up everything,including your gas cans.

I hear ya Cosmo. I raced that section from Puertocitos to Borrego in the 1000. Endless woops. And i crashed hitting a booby trap on the outskirts of Felipe- while down on the ground the crowd came out, surrounded me and tried to unzip my camelback! Some bastard pulled the nipple off my water hose--making it useless for the next 250 miles! I had to start swinging, and chasing the a-hole who was wheeling my bike away--right there on the race course...they were all drunk kids....then i get to Zoo Road--and there where about 5,000 drunk 'fans' crowding the road--it was surreal. Hands reaching out on both sides with only 3-4 feet of opening--and i am trying to race over the wooped out course--all at night of course!

For sure passing thru Zoo Road will be in the upcoming film 'Dust to Glory'--its one of the weirdest sights in off-road racing-especially at night...

This Felipe 250 wont be any different!

Sorry to read your bud's got ripped off. Felipe stopped being the quiet little fishing village a long long long time ago. Its now inhabited by loosers from Sinaloa. Even the old time locals complain about the shifty drifters from the mainland-not to mention the drunk Mexican 'No Fear' crowd who come down from Mexicali with their 6 year old quads, grandma, and the dog...camping on the beach--littering profusely, and generally causing a ruckus.

Ever try Felipe at Easter Break. Its Hell.

I have been on Zoo road once as a fan. As we approached we saw a bunch locals digging a booby trap. A few riders/drivers almost crashed so we walked ahead a flagged the racers to slow down, some did and some didn't, there was race trucks nearly endoing so I went to town and told a Score official and they came out and filled in the hole. I thought we were going to get our butts kicked for doing that but hey, I did not want to see any racers crash.

I don't know if you read the 1000 race coverage from this year.Several drivers/teams were assaulted while passing thru this section.Rocks were thrown,gasoline was also thrown at race vehicles.Those that are racing this year's event should take a minute and contact SCORE concerning this volitale,ticking time bomb.If you've raced with SCORE you know that the entry fee is not cheap! I'm sure that with a little persueding($),that the military or police could be called in to "police" this strectch.Most spectators don't have 4wd,if you get off the main road(s) there your'e stuck! Shut down the Zoo road to ONLY chase vehicles and race support.Remove the "gang" mentality and most will return to spectating.There are a thousand places to spectate this race.I will be contacting SCORE myself.I have GOOD friends that have raced and are racing this years event.Hopefully,it's a small task that may save somone from getting seriously hurt,or killed! Just my


You are 100% correct.

BITD cancelled their Baja 300 race, becouse 'fans' threw rocks at racers. In the case of one unfortunate racer, a broken jaw was the result.

For sure its just a matter of time until someone else is seriously injured-or killed.

I agree with you-the Zoo Road mob thing crosses the line-even for Baja.

I to will write to Sal Fish and ask him to get some Federales out there. Some announcements on the local radio station would go a long way as well.

So i wrote to SCORE-the people that put on the Baja races.

The head of SCORE-Sal Fish-to his great credit called me and asked all about the issues at Zoo Rd. It was really nice to feel our concerns fell on open ears. Sal said he would take this to the local officials. Nice.

:) Good going SCORE.


Your experience sounds like an outake from "Night of the Living Dead". It must have been seriously surreal. I am glad that Sal is taking your input to heart.



That's what is needed! Thank you Irondude. Situations like this have to be adressed.Personally, I don't want to here in a week from now that someone was hurt because no one thought it was thst serious of an issue.It's not as spectacular but if I had a choice.I'd say start anfd finish the Baja 500 and 1000 outside of town.same thing there.

My footage from the 14 miles of whoops down pole line from last year...23 Trophy trucks entered this year...I cant wait till next week. I will not be bringing the bike down...camping situation changed so I am rolling pissed as I was to prerun the first 100 miles with a buddy.

Should be a fun week :)

I e mailed SCORE concerning the Zoo road problems.I recieved a call from Sal Fish today at work.He voiced his concern also.They have recieved a few calls from those that want action. Sal is commited to doing everything he can,unfortunately he can't get good cooperation from the local police/etc. It's important that we keep issues as important as this in the open. Good luck to those racing! see you at the Miramar!


Looking to hook up this weekend. I should be in San Felipe by midnight Thursday. Not sure where I'm staying. Check your PM's please. :)


I've been reading this post and I saw Kritter's video just now. Kritter, your video is cool and all but whoever is holding the video camera needs some important advice about race vehicles. Really, this post is talking about all the crazy irresponsible locals at Zoo road but to be honest the guy holding the camera is one too. He is standing right on the course while trophy trucks and class 1 vehicles are coming towards him!!! At one time his foot gets ran over and then he calls the driver an axx hole??? come on, the problem are not only locals but people just like us too. I would like to ask you that next time you film an off road race you have a bit of common cense. Several spectators have gotten killed in the past and I hope you are not the next one. the problem is greater though, once you get killed then all your friends and family members are going be upset at the racers when in fact it was your own lack of common cense and disregard for your safety that will get you killed. Eventually, off-road racing will be banned from Baja (and the USA) because spectators are getting killed. they will blame it on the racers when in fact the spectators are causing most of the accidents. Please, think about it. see you own video and realize that you are part of the problem. :)

Sure enough- a spectator was hit at Zoo Road by a trophy truck!

Yep... Was a good race though.. Was it me, or was San Felipe MORE crowded than ever this year???


What happened? I saw DNF in the results. :)

I got lost around mile 37, then all caught up in barbed wire in the second wash after hitting the beginning of the fence, then this little boulder jumps out in front of me in Matomi...took out the water pump houseing. Not our day!


Thanks again for the easy out Jack Attack! Lemme know next time you heading to Baja....

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