San Felipe 250

Mike...what are you doing getting lost!!! Didn't you pre-run? Or where you trying to follow someone elses tracks through a short cut? Or should be call it a brain fart?

"trying to follow someone elses tracks through a short cut "

I hope you were'nt trying to follow that white HONDA trail tape. :D:):D

I looked all over the course for you. No wonder nobody saw you come through. I ended up in can imagine what happened from there( :D).

I guess you did'nt make it to Adelante(sp?) for the GP.

cheer up with these... the end of the first album is what you missed by not coming through the old puertocitos road crossing felipe/ksf250 felipe/msf250

I will be racing next year so we will have to do some prerunning for sure.

Sunny- how did the Pacifico 300 go for you?!

Kritter-site isnt letting me in to see the pics...?

JackAttack-Percebu has the best beach bar around. Good times.

Next year we all gotta do this race....!

Funny you mention a nut shell I got 4th. NOW the interesting part of the race was that my shift lever fell off in the first 1/4 mile of the race. I am not sure if tampering was involved or not, but regardless I was stuck in 3rd or 4th gear for the entire race. I backtracked for about 10 minutes and in the end decided to hell with it and went on with the race anyways with only one gear. It was quite the experience. It really makes you appreciate the little things in life, such as shift levers. It was quite an experience to say the least. I was only about 3 minutes behind 3rd place also.

Several DNF's and the number 1x bike crashed made that possible I think. was a good race...I can't wait until the next race where I can take out my revenge on everyone. That will be fun.

nice pictures Kitter. :)

nice pictures Kitter.

Especially that last row :)

I would have to agree those are some pleasant shots. I would be willing to bet that there are some that are not being shared!!! The ones hat came after that last row.

Lets see them!!!

I ran out of memory...thats why the last 10 or so pics werent hi taking donations for a few extra memory cards so this doesnt happen again.

and yes, it only got better...much much better after those pics...

and yes, it only got better...much much better after those pics...

details please :)

Yo Kritter Buddy Pal Friend!

I finally took a look see at your San Filipe documation...uh, I thought it was going to be all race pics.

You go in style my friend! :)

and yes, it only got better...much much better after those pics...

I bet it did!!! Give me a shout next time, I have a BIG MEMORY card. Tell te girl with the tattoo on the small of her back that it is very sexy!!! Friend of yours!!! She single?

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