wheel bearing removal, HELP!

I planned on greasing the wheel bearings tonight, but I couldn't get the back ones out so I didn't even attempt the front. I removed the snap ring and childishly expected that bearing to more or less slip right out, but no such luck. What's the trick to getting these things out without damaging anything? Do I have to purchase a bearing puller?


Hammer and punch. Move the spacer(hollow tube) that is between the two bearing to get access to the inside of the bearing. Tap firmly and work your way around the bearing till she comes out. Normally about three hits and she is out. Then flip wheel over and remove the spacer, repeat process for this side. Grease the journals and place new bearing inside the hub.

Thanks very much for the tip, unfortunately it's not working for me so well. I cannot move that hollow tube anywhere, it's stuck in the center good. I even tried putting a plug half way down the hollow tube and putting the air hose in the other bearing. I was hoping that the air would leak around the center tube and force the bearing out. No such luck. :) I got good arm pump trying to hold in 125psi, but the bearings didn't budge... ggrrrr.... Anyone else have this much trouble?


There are notches on one end of the hub that keep the spacer from being pushed over.

If you can't move the spacer on one end, flip the hub over and try the other end.


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By the way....one of the things you can do to fine tune a wheel is to re-machine the hubs so that the excess press-in pressure does not pinch the bearing race. The bearings last longer and the wheel spins much easier.

I'm sure this translates into a small fraction of a benefit, but you'll be surprised what a lot of little things like this add up to in overall smoothness and performance.


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