Can I swap axles?

I have a 98 wr400 and found a steal on a 05 wr rear supermoto rim complete but the axle is a bigger one can I just buy the 05 axle and put it on my bike and be all good?

swap the bearings in the wheel and you should be good to go..

The larger rear axle from the new wheel wont fit your bike

The bearings do not interchange, so you can't swap bearing as suggested above


The 05 wheel uses the following bearings

Right Rear - 60/22-2RS - 22mm ID x 44mm OD x 12mm
Left Rear - 62/22-2RS - 22mm ID x 50mm OD x 14mm


Your 98 wheel uses the following bearings

6004 20mm ID x 42mm OD x 12mm


As you can see they will not interchange as the OD's are different


You could get some captive spacers made up to take up the bigger ID of the '05 bearings but there is no guarantee that the sprocket and disc will be in the right place to suit your bike

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Yeah I just ended up lacing the rear hub I already had to it and it works perfect

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