A friend of mine is selling his FMF PowerBomb curve (you know, the one with a parcially thickened part, AND without heat shield [ burning trousers]?) He says that FMF claims that it smoothens power and increases torque, he did not like it for his cross YZ450F 2003.

I run a WR450F with YZ muffler and original stock curve(ENDURO BIKE), can anyone share his experience with me about this curve. I am not really looking for smoother power, yet more TORQUE & HP in all the powercurve is welcomed. CAN I EXPECT THIS FROM THIS CURVE?

Put the SX model on mine. Definitely helped on the low end, which is what it was designed for. Easy wheelies are now even easier. They have a MX for top end. I did notice a definite difference and woudl make the same decision again. Did not notice a sound reduction though.

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