Need title help for Pennsylvania

I recently purchased a 04 yz450f and I had gotten a bill of sale when I purchased it I am wondering if anyone has ever gotten a title in pa with the DL-135 request for vehicle information form and help is appreciated I would like to build this into a street legal bike

Okay from what I found out you first have to make the bike street legal and then take it to get an inspection and that would be how I could make my 450 street legal any help with this would be great

To begin with, there is no practical way of running lights from the existing electrical system. 

I know that I was going to get a new stator to power the lights but have been told you need flywheel whieght to compensate is this true

No, it isn't.  The person who told you that was probably giving you info that pertains to the earlier YZ400F/YZ426F.  Those models can utilize the same year stator from the WR400/426, which will run lights, but require the use of the WR flywheel.


'03-'05 YZ450F models will not accept parts from any WR model without an extensive list of support parts from the WR, starting with the crankcases.  There are aftermarket stators avaialble that include lighting coils, but very few if any of them are reliable.  The original flywheel can be used with them.

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