Yzf426 sprockets

I bought it with 14/45 and it's a bit of struggle threw trails, hill climbs and any tight tracks really. Just gotta use a lot of clutch or just pump it up the hill climbs which gets a bit full on haha.. My little brothers crf250 revs out in 5th when I'm just going from 1st to 2nd. I was gonna go 13/52 if that would make a bit better for that sort of riding??

Even 12/52??

14/45 is too tall, which would be similar to a 12/50.  If I remember correctly 1 tooth up front is about equal to 3 out back.  Stock gearing on my WR is 14/50, probably similar if not the same as a YZ.  Not sure if 1st gear is the same on the WR and YZ in 2001, but I have absolutely no problems going slow in 1st, so much so that I rarely ever even use it.  I start from 2nd gear 95% of the time and only use 1st if I'm going through a trail where a tree blew down and we are forcing our way through the undergrowth.  I personally wouldn't use a 12t drive sprocket, that tight of a turn can be difficult on chains.  I'd go up on the rear sprocket before going smaller up front.

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First, 45/14 and 50/12 are nothing alike (3.21:1 vs. 4.17:1). 


Second, be careful comparing gearing between YZF/WRF models from before '05 with those '05 or later.  The primary reduction was changed, and the overall gearing of an '05 with 13/48 is almost exactly the same as the overall gearing on a 426 with a 14/48.


Furthermore, the WR models have a much lower 1st gear than the YZ does, so you can't go by the experiences of WR owners on that score.


Stock on the 426 was 48/14.  Your 45/14 is roughly comparable to a 48/15.  If you drop to a 48/13, it would be the same as a 51/14.  Don't run a 12 tooth front sprocket.  The small size will wear both the sprocket and the chain much faster.

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