Australian ThumperTalk Convention

Come one Come all to the first annual gathering of the Australian Chapter of ThumperTalk. A weekend of riding, drinking, partying, riding, drinking and crashing (hope we have very few occurences of the last point :)..) We are hoping to carry on from the very successful gathering in Moab, Utah, back in September of 2000. Myself and Splint are putting this "amazing" gathering together for all our friends.

The riding location os called Gormandale in Victoria. Directions will follow once interest has been established. This is a very sacred Dirt Bike Mecha. It makes Moab look like a cactus in the desert.. All participants must wear blind folds when entering and leaving. The type of riding that will be covered includes:

- Part of the 6 day ISDE course

- Massive Hill Climbs: Including Hamburger Hill, Mini Widow Maker and the Drag Strip

- The ultimate Sand pit for the children in all of us.

- 30km of whoops

- Pine forest section for those of us who like a like a tooth pic or two, or three... :D

- AND, lots of MUD... :D

The do's and dont's

- International guests: Free alcohol (beer), T-shirt and fuel

- Women allowed if they can cook or ride :D

- 125cc bikes not welcome unless willing to provide as sacrifice to the Big Bore Gods... :D

Green Bikes absolutely not allowed unless 500cc and up... (Just kidding)

- Circle work, wheelie, burn-out, Drag Contest and best Crash contest's. Winner of best crash receives a T-shirt and bragging rights.

- Night rides on the Friday and Saturday nights (if all behave, maybe ride into town)

Come along all. Let's make this the first of many rides that we will orcestrate in Australia. Lets show our American friends that we do it better down-under.

Send interest to:


PS. All are welcome, so feel free to bring your friends.

PPS. Police welcome, if off-duty. We dont need no stinking badges... :D

I'm afraid to know what 'circle work' is - sounds a little to close to another type of activity.

So Mitch - you actually gonna be there this time :)

If you have only 1/2 as much fun as we did in Moab it will be illegal....


Brian are you from California?

Harry, if he isn't I think he's definately been there a few times. :)

Hey Mitch, had any replies yet?? I've got about ten penciled in at the moment, problem is that there's only three of them on Wr's!!

So much for the sea of blue (will blue paint cover yellow and green ok?) :):D :D

Hey Splint,

I think we may need to get some special paint for those weenie yellow and orange bikes.. :)

10, well done!!! I am impressed. Hell, maybe this will be big afterall.... Come on all you Aussie thumpers.. Lets get this happening!!!!

Splint, dont forget, my place this Friday night....


Mitch, you've gone and left that door open for Brian again!

We'll have to confuse him now.

Hey Mitch, did you find out where the slot jocks hang out?? :):D

Just spent the weekend down at the intended T.T. convention site with a few guys who'd never ridden down there before. The overall verdict was that it was the best trails that they'd ever ridden on. Most of them loved the sandy berms that were just made for carving up.Other highlights of the weekend were:

running for our lives off the road to avoid being hit by a EVO 3 rally car (just like those stupid European spectators),well no one told us there was a rally on! And our Mitchy faunacating with the fauna (even the wombats aren't safe in their burrows).

I think everyone had a great time, we even found some new tracks.Can't wait till June.

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