Hot Cams Auto Decompressor WR400-426

Some of the TT community got sick of waiting and have done the 450 exhaust cam mod using the Yamaha 2003 model part, and the main differences are:

a reasonable saving, and an increase in the bottom end, a smoother mid range and a bit more through the rev range generally... some members have described it as more like the CRF power... with no hit, you don't realise you are going as fast as you are...

For those who cannot resolve the 'possible' issues in using the Yamaha part, then the Hot cam unit is a good choice for those wanting the benefits of the auto decomp mechanism, or for those who really need more top end...

There are enough combined installations and mileage to demonstrate that the 450 cam mod using the Yamaha part is reliable and beneficial...

Your choice... Pop over to the YZ4xx forum and look at the post that about 27,000 other pairs of eyes have looked at... :)


I ordered the cam from hotcams the day it hit the catalog. The bike runs stronger than before. Yea it cost twice as much, but I spend more on other hobbies :)

Can you tell much difference in the low end with the hotcams? This is the only thing that I am concerned about. I ride a lot of tight single track and need that low end.


Strong from idle, snap wheelies are easy (i'm 240) I would say its slightly better than stock yz at midrange and top. But the bike is a pleasure to start now, hot or cold. If you stall during braking it will bump start now, you don't know what a difference a auto-decomp makes, its like a whole new bike. Get one soon, stock or Hc :)

If you need low end power, then I suggest you do the cam swap with the Yamaha Part... if you want to get right down and boogy with the low end, also do the JamesNOW! mod... that will give you even more pick up from down low... it is like making your carb a two barrel with mechanical secondary... :)


Second that, if you want to rip it's a$$ off all day buy the Hotcams you'll still get what the 450 cam does anytime anywhere as long as you rip the a$$ off your hotcams "improvement"

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