WR450 2003 kickstarter shaft

Hi guys. i would like to ask you about the kickstarter shaft on wr 450 2003.model.does your kick starter shaft have any side to side movement?i am asking because on my bike it has a side to side movement about 1mm.thanks a lot guys.

I just tried mine and I have to push in real hard and then pull out hard to even feel anything.

It is barely noticeable and probably not moving more than half a mm or less.

did you feel any free play when you were pushing it up and down? 

If there is radial play on the shaft, something is almost certainly wrong. A little bit of axial play isn't a surprise. 

there is not any radial play on the shaft.if you push hard you can feel that it just moves up and down a bit about 0.5mm-1.0mm.there is not any axial play.just up and down.

Up and down is radial. In and out is axial (along the axis of the shaft). 


This is the shaft itself moving, not the hinge in the kick starter?

first of all thanks for your help.now if you push hard you can see that the shaft itself moves a bit up and down about 0.5mm. not the hinge in the kick starter.do you think that there is a problem with the kick starter shaft for this 0.5mm free play?thanks

 I am a little confused as to what you are refering  to now. Mine moves in and out, but as I mentioned not very much. It has NO play up and down, or front to back.


 i cannot hardly see there being that much use on the kick stater either as this year bike has a button to start it. Even my old 400 which is kick start only and has been thoroughly horse whipped and kicked to death for YEARS does not have any significant play in it.

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