Battery Question on 04

I took my Wr in for fork seal fix and a few other items. Anyways I gog it back and the battery is dead. It is only 2 months old. I think Yamaha left the ignition on. Anyways do I need new one or will it charge?

just trickle charge it and it will be ok my 2003 model went dead on me serval times :) i put a permant connector on the battery and ran the wires out under the seat . i use a 1 amp charger so if the bike sets for a week or 2 i will charge it over night . you can pick one of these chargers up at any auto parts store or walmart cost around 20 bucks but well worth it .

Stupid me.

You could kick start it and take it for a hour+ ride. That should get it back up to charge. If you can, sw off/disconnect the lights and it will charge faster.

Is the stock WR battery a Yuasa YTZ7S? Just curious, this is what my bike has in it. Great little battery, BTW - I use this same tiny gel-cell in my streetbikes, believe it or not!

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