1st start of year wr450f, coolant on floor

So my WR been sitting in garage(non-heated) for at least 4months. Its PA, its been cold. I started it after about 3million cranks and She spit some coolant on the floor. I took a ride up the street a couple blocks, shut it off for a few, then brought it home, didn't appear to spew out anymore coolant. Normal?

It spit coolant when it first started? That doesn't sound good. 


Where did it come from?

Pretty soon after started, but then it stopped. I Cudnt tell where came from cause it was way too cold and I was too lazy to drop the skid plate and look. My Buddy says maybe water pump gasket was constricted due to cold. Didn't know if this a normal thing or not .....

Was only a small amount. Took a pic, but don't kno how to post it

If it stopped, it was probably just out the water pump seal. They can do that when left to sit awhile. Run it more, if it keeps leaking replace, but I bet it stops.

If it stopped, it was probably just out the water pump seal. They can do that when left to sit awhile. Run it more, if it keeps leaking replace, but I bet it stops.

It might stop. If it doesn't your going to have to replace the seal's. Fairly common maintenance for this bike. I did this for the first time on my 07 last year. Just make sure you watch how the seals are taken out. So you can match the seals going back in, if you don't get it right you'll be doing it again. Edited by RMK800

Also, in some  cases seals going bad will damage the impeller shaft. Don't know if that's common on WRs. 

Funny thing happened to me the other day.  I came back from a couple hour ride or so and put it into the back of my truck.  I then noticed some antifreeze (maybe a couple table spoon's worth) under the bike near the rear shock area.  I quickly looked it over and didn't see any apparent leaks and my catch bottle had a good amount of coolant in it.  It looked like there was some breather hose coming off the back that was wet with coolant.  I thought the only hoses connected to a coolant source was the catch bottle.  I'll look it over again tomorrow, maybe it's the water pump seal which I have already replaced once.

You can usually see or stick your finger down under that right side water pump case and feel the hole that the water will leak out of if the seal is going bad. Even with a full size aluminum skid pan left on you can usually tell if that is where it is coming from by seeing/feeling if there is any coolant seeping out before, during, and after running the motor..


 Sometimes if not started for a while they will puke some out. As already mentioned keep a close eye on it and if it leaks more you will have to change it out. Always good to try and start em up every three to four weeks and let them get to operating temperature for a few minutes, even if you cannot ride them due to cold or ice and snow. It sure makes then easier to start if this is done regularly and keeps the carb/injectors from getting plugged or gummed up. Especially if gas is treated with Seafoam, Stabil, or Startron. 


 If coolant was near rear shock it might have just overflowed the coolant bottle as I believe there is an overflow on the puke tank too. 

Thank You

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