rebound adjuster

yesterday i changed my fork oil...and just doin routine maintenance and when i got through i checked the clicker setting on fork and shock..well on 1 fork the rebound clicker screwed in way further than usual...and if you screw it all the way in, then start turning out, it will go about 7 clicks before you actually feel the detent....yall ever run across this...ive had several yamahas, and never had the problem..not sure if maybe the adjuster might be bad??

You have to make sure that the cap makes full contact with the compression rod before you run the jam nut up against it.

So, back out the rebound screw, screw the cap onto the rod until it snugs up against the rod, making sure that it is not touching the jam nut, then run the jam nut up against the cap.

If that doesn't do it, let me know.


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