petcock going into carb orings?

Can't find them. My yamaha shop can't either. 05 yz450f. Anyone ever had a leak here and been able to find them. My local shop is supposed to do some work on it so I can bring it back on the road with me but I only have till Saturday for them to get it done and they can't start with out that fixed any help would be appreciated

Thank you


The petcock is the valve you turn the gas on and off with; goes on the tank. 


Do you mean the 3 O-rings on the swivel fitting at the carb?  If so, they are Yamaha PN 3TJ-14564-40-00. 


Tell the geniuses at the parts counter to look them up for an '07 WR450.

If it is the petcock itself you may want to try bending the little piece of spring steel that keeps the valve tight to the seal so it puts more tension on the valve.

If it's the petcock, just buying a new one will save you more than $20 worth of aggravation.

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