09 header on a 20007

I bought a 2009 stock header to replace the smashed one on my 2007 but the diameter turns out to be a lot larger than the 07 where it connects to the exhaust. Can I replace the exhaust gasket with a 09 one or is the diameter of a 09 exhaust larger too?

The mid pipe's bigger, too.  Unfortunately, installing that header on an '07 in place of the stock one will cause a decrease in performance, and adding the '09 silencer will make it even worse.  The '08 and '09 used the "shorty" muffler with restrictive interior baffling, and the header was oversized as a compensation.  Swapping that system out for almost anything else is a noticeable improvement. 

Thanks Grey.  I've been keeping an eye out for a 2007 on ebay because I like the power how it is now with the stock set up but just having a hard time finding one.  Do you know if any other years are the same like say 2006?  I also considered just buying a power bomb, they sell them on ebay for about $160 but I wasn't sure how that will affect power with the stock muffler, I'd like to keep it close to stock.  Do you know if they power bomb will fit because on Dennis Kirk website is shows it fitting 2007 through 2009 and that is why I bought the stock 09 header thinking they were the same.  This is confusing and I don't want to spend the money on a full system.

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