2000 WR400F Rear Suspension Help.

I am new to this web site. But I acquired a 2000 wr400f at the dealership I work at. The bike sat for 14 years. My boss wanted 2G for it, I made him go lower and got it on pay roll deduct. Well the bike is pretty mint. Now much abuse on it. The one other owner back in 2000 put a white brother pipe on it and rejected it. BUT the rear shock is pretty much blown. I have heard that it is possible to swap the shock to a WR426s but I couldn't really find posts about anybody who succeeded in it or responded after they did so.


Please list what rear shock you put on it. A YZ426, WR426 or a 450 shock. I don't care if it sits higher I'm tall.

Thank you in advance.


Just have it rebuilt


Do a google search for 

 " mx suspension rebuild (with your zip code) "


You really want to get the right springs for the bike, as 'sag' is extremely important to control and handling.

I'm sure any 400 or 426 shock will fit yz or wr, probably 450's too if I had to guess?

But yeah your best bet is too have the existing suspension rebuilt.

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