Best gearing for my bike

I have a 98 wr400 I just recently made a supermoto and its street legal so I still want it to rip around but also be able to handle highway speeds currently I have a 52 and I want to say 15 front but I feel I need a bit smaller just need some help with that

I've found with the first gen wr's there is no perfect gear ratio for having good highway riding and actually having some good oomph down low in first. You either sacrifice higher top speeds (or deal with the screaming engine) but get sick bottom end in return. Or you gear it for decent cruising at higher speeds but then your left with having to slip the clutch more off the bottom and not having the oomph you before.

I personally dual sport my bike a decent amount and right now with stock wheel and tire sizes I find a 15/50 is about the best compromise for me. It works pretty good even for steep hill climbs and deep sand and can cruise at 50 without ringing it's neck too badly.

The problem with this is that it doesn't do either offroad or on road real great, it's just alright for both. But that is the beauty of dual sport, the art of compromise. Lol

Ideally offroad I would like to have a 14 maybe a 13 up front to give it more torque especially in the deep sandy washes. And it was also nice on road when I ran a 16/42, but it was of course gutless down low.

But I digress, to go back to your actual question ...If I had a supermoto setup personally I would probably run something like a 15/45. In theory this would let you cruise in a fairly safe rpm range at 55ish and would still have enough balls down low to have fun IMO.

Check out if you wanna test out some sprocket combos.

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okay thank you alot for that it really helps

I have an '06 450

I did a semi-super-moto conversion to my bike

I got a spare set of rims and put road tires on them and I went to taller gearing by switching the front sprocket to 1 size larger

(1 tooth larger than stock just barely fits by the way)


The setup is nice because I can quickly convert it back to a dirtbike


At any rate the point of this is that with 1 tooth larger on the front it becomes an awesome road bike!

The engine has enough nuts to push gearing that tall and each gear lasts longer and rolls on forever like a grand prix road racer!

I had it on the highway last fall and ALMOST cleared a buck! .....98 mph!

That pretty dar impressive for what is basically a dirt bike !!!

Love that web link / app Ka Rah Nee !!!

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