12-14 WR450 Suspension upgrade

Has anyone done the upgrades on their suspension (like springs and valves)? If so, what are your thoughts, is it worth the money? 

I love my stock valving for the type of riding I do, but the springs had to be replaced for my weight 250lbs or so.  I know another rider from Washington did the Gold Valves on his WR and said the new valving was better.  Springs for the most part are dependent on your weight.  I rode pretty competitively when I was about 215-220 lbs with stock springs because it was a pain to get my parents to buy me anything unless it was broken.  I ended up breaking  fork due to that.. and it was costly in 1991.


Steric Racing full re-valve and re-spring 

AS Racing valving re-adjustment 

AS Racing spring re-adjustment (lost 26 lbs)


Once you get the bike running well, the single most important nest step is suspension.

Test you sag numbers and change springs as needed....if you have go up more than one step, you should re-valve anyway, cause the rebound won't be able to keep up anymore.


Your wheels will stick like velcro!

springs & revalve. Best money spent besides Rekluse Core EXP. Talk to John at Moto-pro in Woodinville.

Went ahead and pulled the trigger, the forks and shocks are in at EVO. The  hard part is having my brand new bike in pieces already :jawdrop:

Good time to lube all the linkage and swingarm pivot.

I did race tech gold kits all around and a new spring in the rear.

Amazing difference. With the right sag the thing is like a new bike

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