need your advise on good shop

hi guys

i live in israel and i would like your advise on a good, reliable and not expensive shop where i can find the following things 4 my bike (2000 yz 426):

1 motion pro quick air bleeder

2 trailtech computer(panorama)

3 works connection ignition cover(bolt on)

4 brp shark fin

5 magnetic drain plug

6 inverted fork guard (not the plastic but the soft one - if u know what i mean)

7 riding gear: 2 jersies, goggles

of course it can b from other brands, but that is what i found in the internet as i cant get it here in israel...

If you can get your hands on a copy of any dirt bike market magazine, or Cycle News, you will find a ton of ads from mail order companies that sell anything you could possibly want or need and many things you don't need. If they have a website you can email them and find out if they ship overseas. Most probably won't since the shipping, insurance, and currency exchange rates makes it an enormous hassle for them but it's worth a try. Only a few will ship to Canada. Maybe some Australian TT'rs can help. Good luck.

Try jeff at mxsouth (, I recently purchased some platic from him and was happy with the service.Be careful when dealing with some of the shops as they don't really appreciate the difficulties in overseas orders and can really jerk you around.

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