I just put a Rekluse Core Exp 2.0 on my 2013 YZ.  Holy sh*& these things are way better than advertised.  I have been riding tight single track for over a year and I cant believe I was even able to ride without this thing!  It immediately made my life easier and built confidence.  I was immediately able to climb hills better and climb up things I couldn't have before.  


I was very skeptical on if the Rekluse worked all that well, but all I can say is wow!!!


For all the people that keep asking how to make their YZ better in the woods that answer is simple:  Rekluse, 12 tooth front sprocket and 50-52 rear depending on how you feel.  Then of course guards and you are good to go.

X2 I bought my 2010 450 with it already on the bike. Coming from a 03 250 two stroke it made it easier to get used to the 4 stroke but still unsure about it I almost took it off. After the MANY hours I've already put on the bike on the single tracks in big bear arrowhead area and even the motocross tracks I couldn't live without it. By far best upgrade for single track woods or what ever, ask my buddies when were at the trail. No clutch arm pump for me

Great product with few shortcomings that are easy to learn/overcome/ride. Customer service is tops.

What are the short comings?

After getting it setup properly and learning to ride with it I can think of only one. No bump starting lol

Only problem I ever ran into was trying to bull dog down a gnarly rock face. The rear end wont lock up with the Rekluse so I just shoved a stick in the spokes against the swing arm and it worked pretty good. 

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