Between a rock and a hard place... need advice!

You will never break even on this bike financially. If your mechanically inclined or just like to learn, its a perfect bike to do that on because bluntly put, you've already lost your investment. If u do part it out the reality is you won't get much. The market for 426 parts isn't very big. Now that I've answered the op's question I must say the most irritating thing at my old age about reading forums such as this revolves around people who feel the urge to get involved by making insulting remarks about something totally irrelevant to the topic. If I were a moderator its likely anyone that does that would have their account suspended. To the op young men such as yourself give hope to old men like me. I see so many on forums like this let their folks foot the bill and whine like a mule for another bike when things don't go right. Hats off to you for saving your money and reaching out for a solution to your problem.

thanks i buy my own bikes because if i dont my dad wont let me work on them or pick one so ive bought my ast 3 bikes

Bit of an update... the shop that has the bike (cycle depot los angeles) says they will do it for 1700 bucks... i talked to another shop and they say 500 plus parts but there was another guy at the shop when i went to get an update and he has a 426 engine for sale for 500 bucks and that seems like it might be a good option... what do you guys think? Id rebuild it myself but it seems like a really daunting task without much help and i dont have a service manual for it. At least if i rebuild it ill know the status of the engine. im also going to recieve some financial aid from my parents as im almost out of money.

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What is the condition of thr other engine. Rebuilt, new, worn out with a knock. If the other engine is in good shape and fairly fresh then it is a good way to go. Just be aware that upu may have 2 broken engines if you are not careful.

I would not buy the second engine unless it was in the bike and you can test ride it.




What type of riding do you do?


I would not spend anymore money on that bike.


For the $1700 the shop is quoting you there are plenty of Two Stroke bikes out there that will not cost more that the value of the bike to maintain.

It is a gamble unless he will not charge you until you have it installed and tested. Not likely. Check overall condition. Best idea would be to get a gasket kit and tear it down for inspection. Ask if he is willing to tear it down so you can check for bearing play. All that will be is a head and base gasket. If that looks good then I would gamble on it.

I'd part that thing out before it's impossible to break even. That thing sounds like a nightmare.

If you paid for the bike at 15, you must work and be at least a semi intelligent kid. Sounds like it's time to hit the Yamaha threads and learn to do the rebuild yourself. If you had the discipline to save and buy it yourself at your age, I'm sure you have the discipline to learn a proper rebuild.

he may as well sell he can't do it for Under 2000 with good components

he may as well sell he can't do it for Under 2000 with good components

I agree, but the bike is worthless as it sits and spending a couple g to learn a new skill has immeasurable value and may save him from winding up in this position again.

Hey thumpertalk users.... im in a bit of a pickle here.... im a 15 year old who recently acquired a 2001 yz426f. now this bike is a real pain in my ass. I was buying it as an extra bike as i already have a 2001 kx250 as my main bike the 426 was going to be a bit of an extra bike that my dad or i could ride if we felt like it on occasion but me being a fool bought the bike for $1150. when it didnt run right. With my 2 stroke mind i thought oh easy fix ill tune it up and go throw some rooster tails with it. WRONG. I got the bike and the way it was running it was super hard to start and is has a hot start cam/ auto decompression cam in it and it would start when i gave it a ton of gas and it ran really crappy til about quarter throttle then it ran great it did wheelies and whatnot no problem. So i decided to do a valve job and apparently did it wrong cuz i started it and it knocked literally like a woodpecker on a tree. it was the worst sound i have heard come from a dirtbike. SO i took it to a shop and got a valve job and a carb clean with the idea that the valve job would fix the knock (or so they told me) they did all that and it still knocked REALLY bad but it ran good. They did another diagnostic and are now telling me that i need a new top and bottom end and a connecting rod as well as a replated cylinder. Keep in mind i have not actually yet scene the damage and i kinda think theyre totally bullshitting me but you guys tell me what you think. Now so far ive invested $1628 into this piece of absolute crap. i REALLY would like to keep this under $2000 and im considering all options (btw if any of you would like to buy the bike i would love to get rid of it im in Los Angeles). Anyways could you guys tell me what u think the best option here is because its really stressing me out because its actually my money and its alot of money for a 15 year old to spend.... all advice is appreciated thanks guys!


Now that I've pruned most of the nonsense out of the thread, I'm interested in the "valve job" you did.  That term is normally used by techs in the industry to describe the process off replacing and/or refinishing the valves and seats.  Then again, it gets misused by people who call a simple valve clearance adjustment by that term.  Which did you do?


You say you don't have a manual. Fix that for free:!%20Mods%2C%20Maintenance%2C%20Common%20Issues%20and%20FAQ%27s%20-%20YZ%20400%2F426%2F450%20-%20ThumperTalk&txt=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.yamaha-mo...uals%2Findex.aspx!%20Mods%2C%20Maintenance%2C%20Common%20Issues%20and%20FAQ%27s%20-%20YZ%20400%2F426%2F450%20-%20ThumperTalk&


As I see the matter, you have two practical choices; either scrap the project and part the bike, or tear it down, learn to inspect and analyze wear and damage to engine components, and make a project of repairing it yourself.  If it does need a complete top job, you won't be able to stay below $2K, however.   There's the used engine, and that might pan out favorably, but you don't have any guarantees other than the seller's credibility.

Thanks for cleaning out the thread... i did a clearance adjustment not a valve job as you described it... what do you think i could get for a bike like this if i parted it? The rest of the bike is in fair condition but not good by any means

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You could get your money back parting it out.  It will take a while.  The market for used 426 parts is not good.  I would fix the bike.  It is an older bike but the lessons you learn on this bike can be carried over to other bikes you may buy in the future.  If you are going to enjoy the motorcycle hobby, you will eventually have mechanical failures.  Having the knowledge to diagnose and repair your bikes in invaluable. 


I would forget about looking at the bike as a financial investment.  Look at it as a learning tool.  You will loose money on it. You will loose money on almost every bike you ever buy.

I would probably gamble on a used engine. They are known to be pretty burly. Take the top end off and inspect before installing.

Next, plan to rebuild to broken one. It isn't nearly as hard as people make it out to be, just time consuming to do properly the first couple of times. It's honestly not that difficult. A good motorcycle machine shop can replace bearings only and leave you with a nicer and better balanced crank than a Hotcams or Wiseco. I use Twister Crankshafts for this, they are gurus of the crankshaft and honest as well.

You certainly don't want to limit yourself to only being able to do 2 stroke topends for the rest of your life or be a slave to one crooked shop after another. 15 is a good age to be learning this stuff, you'll use it for the rest of your life.

Plenty of information exists for that engine and parts are reasonably priced. I say to go for it.

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I'll take that PITA off your hands for you! I have 2 already and love them, it will go to a great home. PM me your honest price$

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