So should I keep her?

Picked up a 2002 Wr 250 for a song here in San Diego. Fairly clean but it needs a rear shock r/r, maybe new fork seals but it will need new intake valves as they are on the smallest shim. The valves are above my pay grade but the other two are not. Those of you that have had these bikes: are they maintenance nightmares as my Honda friends claim? (I have an XR 250 also). I figure I paid 900.00 and if I throw another 500-700 I'm into it less than 2k and hell, new they are 7k +. Thoughts??

Shock and seals can be done for a song. Find a buddy who knows how to do fork seals, they are pretty easy. Valves, might need to be taken to a shop if you don't know what you are doing.Expect a bill for 3-4 hours of work. But for $900 and that is all that is wrong with it, keep it in my opinion.

I can do the forks and shocks....the valves I'll pay. I rode the bike at a local MX track and really liked the feel! I figure my son is going to outgrow the XR200 he is on and he can go to the XR250 and dad can have the WR.

I had an 01 for a few years and wish I hadn't sold it.  You can do the fork seals yourself but will need to buy a special tool to take apart the forks, $20 on ebay.  The head on mine did the same as yours, I kept reshimming until I was down to a 120.  You can't just replace the valves, you need to have the seats cut.  Send the head out and have it done right.  I sent mine to M Tech and had  all the valves replaced with stainless steel, with new springs and everything.  About $500.

If you DO need valves, and are on a budget, go with stainless steel valves and springs.  You WILL need springs as the valves are heavier than the sodium filled titanium ones.  That should save you somewhere around $250 going stainless.


If you decide to have a shop look at the valves and head, I would recommend Millennium Technologies (  I sent my head there for a valve job, cutting seats, replacing guides etc.  After preliminary inspection, they told me that half of what I asked for and assumed that I would need done was unnecessary.  That made me feel really good as they could have just done it anyway and taken my money.  I appreciate that sort of honesty.  The turnaround was super fast too.

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