Hi Rev Kit

Anybody here run one of these guys on a 650? Thinking about getting one, but not sure if it would really make that much of a diference.

Any thoughts?

If you're bike is simply uncorked or slightly modified, then I don't see much benefit because the power falls off way before the rev limiter kicks in and ideally you should have shifted before redline. Just look at any dyno chart from an uncorked or slightly modified XR650R and it will tell the story. If for some reason you want to keep your bike in the same gear for a bit longer, then that's another reason to look at the high rev kit. If I had heavily modified my bike to re-shape the power curve so that more power was made up top (stage 2 cam, h/c piston, larger header diameter + exhaust cannister, porting, lighter flywheel, pumper carb, etc), then I'd be looking at the high rev kit, but that's just from my perspective.

Well i'm not sure which one you are talkin about..but some of them give you a "hotter" ignition curve which supposedly will give you a little more performance. I've ridden an XR650 before..and it did not seem like it was to eager to rev..maybe i'm just used to riding my 250F..but it seems that it performs much better when short shifted, rather than being revved out. Also, something to watch out for, some of the rev boxes increase the rev limiter about 1,000 RPM or so...Some of them, completely eliminate the rev limiter. If your buying a rev box, than i assume that you plan on revving your bike high, and alot of times you may be overrevving your bike without even knowing it...I personally like having a rev limter b/c i know that if i come off a jump or something, and i'm on the gas (panic-rev), i have a rev limiter to save my ass from hopefully doin damage..

Why would you want it to rev really high? These bikes arent really made to rev real high to begin with. If you want a high revving machine just go out and get a cr,yz,kx,rm or any other motocross 2 stroke. just my $0.02

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