Air box mod and grey wire

sorry to be redundant but:

Can I have the picture of the grey wire again and can some one get into a little more more detail about opening up the airbox?

many thanks

Dave P

btw ....key failed at 3.3 miles.....has run like a raped ape ever since. :D:)

Take a look at the "(grey wire) location" post under WR. There is a very good picture there.

ditto on the "....location" thread on the next "page". the air box is a little work. the battery takes up a lot of space so you have to be creative. it's also a lot of work just to get the top out of the frame. that much more to get the whole box out. your choice. the seat sits very close to the top lip of the opening. cut that off. cut out the hole outline on the left side panel. i put screen on the inside of mine to keep people from using it as a hand hold. from there check out the air box mod at (don't cut the web out of the inlet). that's the "indy air box" mod. be careful when you wash your bike, you'll fill up the air box with water.

Pull the snorkle out and ride the bike with and without the side cover. See if you notice a difference, if not put side cover back and your done. If you do notice a difference, go to step 2,3,4 etc.

I didn't feel a difference, maybe cause I'm at a low alt :).

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