irregular idle

After a one hour long muddy race i`ve notised that the hot start button was out,after that my bike has a irregular idle-it wont come down to iddle like before it takes a while then its ok.It also misfires when bakking of trottle and spitts flames out of the silencer,at higer revvs it goes like before.(I`ve cleaned the carburator)

Anyone have any suggestions to cure this???

Also i can`t look at the replies when i do a seach on a subject.

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Check if the carb is mounted correctly. (Air Leak)

Also check the tubes arround the hot start button (bad connection or or any leaks)

If you don't find any leaks, try adjusting the fuel screw, but i think it rather has something to do with your hot start button.


'99 WR400 F, YZ exhaust, throttle stop trimmed, WR timing, airbox cover removed

Found it!I`ve put the carb slide upside down.Stupid mistake.


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