2001 wr426 1st gear only, no 2nd-5th

Just picked this 426 up, non running condition. Was said to have carb issues and clutch issues, I cleaned the carb and went through the clutch. It was missing the conical inner clutch plate spring, I relpaced it but I did notice someone has had the clutch hub off, you can see visible hammer/screw driver marks on the hub nut washer. Went through the top end, changed all fluids and it seemed like a fairly low hour bike (frames paint is barely rubbed off) rode it for the first time today and it shifts fine into 1st, but then will not shift into any other gears, feels like it almost catches 2nd but then pops back out and you cannot shift above 2nd, almost feels stuck? Has anyone else encountered this before? I'm hoping its mechanic error and someone assembled the shift shaft parts wrong behind the clutch hub

Cannot say for certain but sometimes a bent shift fork will cause them to pop out of gear or not quite go into gear.

I have never taken any of the shift shaft parts off as had no reason to. Usually these trannys are real dependable.

Get a manual or even look at the assembly drawings of shift mechanism (at Rocky Mountain or other parts dealers) to see if everything looks assembled correctly.

Good luck, keep us posted.

Is the shift lever bent and hitting to case, not allowing you to get into that higher gear?

Is the shift lever bent and hitting to case, not allowing you to get into that higher gear?

That one always sucks :lol: been there more than once myself :lol:

THAT is a good response!

I completely forgot about how that can mess with you!

All fixed and took it riding yesterday! I actually found someone on here who had the same problem. When someone put the shift cam back on the shift drum, they didn't locate it with the pin and torqued it down so it pressed the locator pin flush with shift drum. So when the shift detent cam was in the neutral position , the tranny was in 1st and when the detent was in 1st position the trans was in nuetral, and from 2nd - 5th the detent cam was holding it between gears. I did not have to split the cases to fix, just used a small punch and tapped the pin out of the shift drum so it fell down into the bottom of the case and I was able to get it with a pick & magnet after removing the oil pump. Pressed the pin back in how it should be and re assembled.

Not my photo but this is the pin that was pressed flush



All torn apart Sunday night




GOOD DEAL! I LIKE it when it turns out to be something fairly simple!


 So how does it feel now that it has four more gears?

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