12+ Slip-on Exhaust on my 2010 wr450f

Hey guys i know this might sound stupid but I am looking for slip on Exhaust for my 2010 wr450f and i was interested in the compatibility with the different year models and whether there are any major design/air flow differences between the carby and injected model slip-on exhausts.


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2007-2011 are all the same fit

2012 are a different tuning and fit


Depends on the kind of power curve you want..........flat and smooth, hard hitting, peaky, etc

I have both a stock slip on from an '08 and a stock slip on from a '12 in my garage.  Have not checked part numbers, but they are identical in every way.

I have mounted a 2012 silencer to my 2008 bike for a trial fit. When I compared the 2008 and 2012 silencers side by side, they did have a different bend but the mounts and header clamp were in similar locations. 


The 2012 silencer fitted but was very close to the bottom of the rear shock reservoir where the Schrader valve is (the 2012 rear shock reservoir seems to be different here). Also, I think the 2012 head pipe is a larger diameter where it meets the silencer (the 2007-2011 head pipe is very small diameter).

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I remember buying an older silencer to replace the one I tweaked on my 12.  The part numbers were the same and the only thing I had to do was use the 12's "Joint gasket" or whatever it is called.  The copper infused gasket where the head pipe and silencer pipe join.  I'm on my 3rd silencer, with a new one on standby in the event I tweak this one. :)

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has anyone tried taking a full 2012+ exhaust and mounting on a 2007-2011 system?  DRD's website shows same exhaust for all 2007 and up WR450's.  


I ask because im debating between the 08 YZ450 Yosh RS2 system or the 2012 WR450 Yosh RS4 for my 07 WR450

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