Pro Circuit pipe for YZ/WR 400/426 Brand New

I just put a brand new Pro Circuit T-4 Exhaust System up for sale on Ebay. It fits a 98-02 YZ/WR 400/426. The auction has no reserve and starts at $150. Pro Circuit sells them for $476 plus tax. It's item #1803963797. If you need a pipe, this will be a great deal.

You might have tried here 1st. You might need help from someone you helped! just my .02 worth.



I listed the item on Ebay and then found out about this website. I didn't even know it existed until today. I would have tried here first just to be nice, although it wouldn't have really benefitted me at all as I don't have a four stroke. I would have, however, wanted to help out a fellow mxer if I could have. I just didn't know. Sorry.

What were you looking to get for the system? Is it just the silencer or the header pipe as well? Thanks

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