Yz426f suspension upgrades

Just want a thought my yz426 has stock suspension and I really don't like it because it is very week im only 150 5.8 and I'm saying this because when i Manuel whoops it almost bottoms out and im bottoming out on like all my jumps it's just way to soft and I have it set as stiff and as high it will go so I need to upgrade but I want to know your guys opinions on what's best to upgrade to

You most likely need it serviced more than upgraded.  The shock, for one, is essentially the same as the current model uses, and in good condition should be all you would need.  In fact, at 150, you're a little too light for the original setup.  The forks could be upgraded to a set from an '06-'07 model, but there again, you'd likely find that fresh oil and new bushings would make a considerable difference.



You "manual" on a skateboard, or maybe a BMX.  You wheelie on a motorcycle

Throw a little punctuation in your posts.  Makes them easier to read and is thus a more courteous way to address those from whom you are asking help.

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