Opinions please

Haven't seen any new talk on tires, more specifically, the Starcross. I am looking to purchase new tires and have several recommendations. Just curious what y'all have experienced with the StarCross or the S-12/M-12 or maybe even the 756 or 773's. Thanks for the advice.




$.02 :)


Would those tires be good for all-around type riding (Play, Dirt, Mud, Dez, Hard Pack)? Keeping in mind that I would want as much milage as possiable out of the set? Also, what is the aprox. cost?



Front from Rocky Mtn.......48bucks


shipping.......???appx ....20bucks


I dont think that is horrible!

I do ride mostly DEZ and single track but what most ppl do not understand is that if something holds up in the DEZ .....it has to be pretty good!

I also ride the MX track once in a while which is about 4times a month instead of the DEZ and find that they do very well there too! Although I cannot say that is the best combo for ONLY MX because I dont spend enuf time on the track to tell the diff but I find that the m12f/s12r has been the most PREDICTABLE combo out of all the ones I have tried with my THUMPER!

My friend w/cr500 and I both found that the m-12r made the bike feel like Dan Jensen or Bonnie Blair when coming to a stop! very slick....and unpredictable!

The s12f was very scary on hardpack and chunked a little but not bad......just scary in anything but soft loam or sand.

My M12f went about 8Dez races and tons of practice miles B4 I flipped it around because of slight scalloping. When I turned it around it made a big diff, but there is a ton of tread left on it just not all sharp edges after about 10races and practicing. :)

Sorry to ramble .......just very adiment about the Mich Products!

YOU may want to call Mich and inquire about the B.I.B. Buck program which pays you to ride the MICH products if you win or even in the top 5!

sorry again

USA USA USA.........sorry the olympic spirit just blirted out........!!!!!!

I just put on a set of Michelins for the first time. S12f/M12r Compared to the stock 739's my initial impressions were that the rear was a little better and the front felt like an entirely different bike. It felt like the seering angle was steeper and the wheelbase was shorter. The thing turned now!! And I had much more confidence on technical descents. On some of the faster stuff it felt like a little too much in the front, kinda twitchy. The terrain I was riding is nasty hardpack with lots of loose rocks, hard ruts, and braking/accel bumps. Depending on how these wear, I will likely go with the M12 front next time.

BFLee, you need to try the M12 front and S12 rear. Huge difference compared to what you have now. The rear S12 actually works and works great.

I ordered a set of 773's from Rocky Mountain. I ride only on mx tracks, that for the most part stay moist. I'll see how they work( hopefully better than the 739's).

I read a tire test in MXA and they ripped the michelins. But then again, Michelin doesnt have much advertising in MXA so that goes with the territory. Its really surprising in as much as the things I read here are 180 degrees from what MXA said. How sold out can a mag get? They raved about the 773, and gave a nod to the Maxxis both big advertisers in the mag so..... :)

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