450 bog

I have a bog from closed to open throttle I have done the zip tie mod and have a quick adjust air fuel screw witch is out 2 3/4 turns out and also my bike is very hard to start when cold but starts very easy when it has been rode awhile

So you actually sent your carb to Zip-Ty for their modification, or you used a zip-tie to do the "O-ring mod"?

Used a zip tie to do the o ring mod should I take it back out as it does not seem to help with the bog in the least

Yes.  If you didn't grind off the stop button on the accelerator pump diaphragm, using a zip-tie or wire will prevent you from reaching full throttle, for one thing.  For another, there's a question about how much it actually takes to invoke the bog.  The engine cannot be expected to tolerate an instantaneous snap from idle to full throttle without actually modifying the carburetor, and there's also no practical reason for it to do that.  The first question is whether it ever actually bogs while you ride it, and then, how much of that is caused by the way you work the throttle.  Learn to "roll" the throttle open as quickly as the engine will take it, just a little more gracefully.  The bike will respond quickly enough.


Having said that, you should not have to be especially cautious to avoid it stumbling, either.  Adjusting the pump timing, diaphragm stroke, pilot circuit, and selecting an alternate jet needle are the correct ways to tune the FCR for response. 

Thanks for the help gray I will take the zip tie out tonight and see how it does

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