Does Carmicheal deserve a boo?

Hey guys,

One of my buddies called me just after ABC aired the Indy SX. All of you saw RC plow into the side of Pastrana which knocked him off balance and he fell.

I rewinded it and played it in slow motion and it clearly showed that Pastrana bobbled and cut the inside directly in the path of Carmicheal who was simply taking the inside line himself.

You didn't hear it on ABC but when they announced Carmicheal on the podium.....the crowd went nuts and started boo-ing the poor guy.

What a bunch of B.S.

I'm not a Carmicheal fan but I can't stand it when people boo these great riders.

Everything worked out for the best anyway....A Yamaha came out in front :)

I agree 100% !! On ABC, the announcer (I can't remember which one) was saying that RC ran into Travis and then gave him an extra shove to knock him down. However, if you were actually watching the race, it happend like you said. Travis wandered into RC's line on the inside and Ricky had no choice but to hit him. The announcer actually corrected himself after he watched the replay.

I also am not a Ricky fan, but I wouldn't dream of Booing him, or any riders of that caliber, unless it was painfully obvious that they were riding dirty, which he wasn't !!!

Just an opinion.


I was at the Indy SX....

Although I would also never boo these riders, I'm not so sure that Carmicheal's act was acidental.

I didn't see the ABC show, so I'm not so sure if they showed it, but everyone around me believed it was intentional, because he almost struck Travis several times in the laps before the crash, and it was by Travis avoiding Ricky that they didn't crash earlier.

I'm not saying he was intentionally trying to take Travis out, I just think he was over aggressive Saturday, with a "win-no-matter-what" style of riding.

Just my two cents...

On TV, it really looked like Travis went slightly wide, RC dove in and took the inside line, and then Travis realized what he did and tried to protect his line. Maybe Travis thought that RC would stop if he cut back inside.

I don't know, but it didn't look like RC was trying to take him out. At least to me.


As Travis said afterwards "thats racing"...........He is a class act. He could have bitched & whined but did not. Although RC did not deserve the boo's, Travis was the crowd favorite.

The only way I see that it would have been dirty is if RC had slowed, gone around the back of Travis and then stuck out his foot and pushed him over! When you try to block a pass you take chances that the other guy won't back down. You see the same with Stewart. He wants to win and that means taking chances, it doesn't mean that everyone has to give him the best lines!

The inside was a one line rut, TP did what alot of riders do, go wide and come across the rutt to the inside of the turn. Who's fault? none really TP was riding his line RC thought he saw an opening and went for it, had RC been a split sec. slower TP would have taken RC's front wheel out.

As far as the boo's go, no one boo's a good guy. RC's been building up to the boo's for years even riding 125's he was a butt to other riders and people haven't forgotten.

That's interesting, I didn't know any of that.

So he was an obnoxious 125 rider ??


I am definitely not an RC fan - I get all pissed when I watch him out front. Man, when Mike Brown rode blocker and handed RC the 125 record book, I was beside myself. I don't think I'd boo him though - I don't know - maybe I would. As for his agressiveness, that's racing.

Did anyone see the ESPN2 taping of last weeks race? Roncoda - now that's an agressive pain in the ass. And Bubba - I've heard enough. Bubba this & Bubba that? Did anyone see the elbow he threw Ivan Tedescoe. I missed it but Art Eckman and David Bailey kept mentioning it. Man - I think it's time some of the other guys parked him on his head. He's more than aggressive - he's dangerous. I wish he was running the east series. Mike Brown & Grant Langston wouldn't tolerate his sh!t. Buddy Antunez, Larry Ward & Dowdy could show him a thing or 2 also - as Bubba goes by of course.



[ February 11, 2002: Message edited by: Odie ]

Doug, you are right. RC is a very aggressive rider. He wants to win. Second place to him seems like a loss. The crowd liked him in last years SX season because he was a new winner. I think they began to turn on him in the outdoor nationals. RC never seemed overjoyed with a win, and he was downright pissed off when he came in second. That is not what the crowd wants. They want the second and third place guys to be happy with their positions and not make excuses why they didn't win. RC's switch to Honda did not set well with some fans either.

As far as the incident in this race, Rc was going for the win. If Travis was taken out, that was just going to be a side-effect. I don't think he intentionaly took him out, but I don't think he cared much, at the time, if Travis did go down.

That's all I have to say about that right now...

As far as RC takin out Pastrana, not a chance. Pastrana blew that entire section and RC made a good 2.5 seconds on him in that section alone. He was all screwed up coming out of the woops and ended up way outside and he decided to "try" to protect the inside line about a second too late. Pastana blew it and he knew it. Hell Carmichael blew it and he knew it. David Bailey kept callin it the whole race. Villemin was sizing him up the whole race. All Villemin really had to do is stay close and he did. Every lap, out of the tunnel was a right hander that RC went wide on everytime, hell Villemin actually slowed once to give RC room in that section. If youve got it on tape go look at it again. Bottom line, Brilliant race by Villemin. I thought his words after the race were perfect. "I passed the greatest supercross rider in the world right now, it gives me confidence". Enough said. :)

I agree with you totally Shawn Mc, I was there very close to the turn where it happened. I saw the TV replay also. Not an RC fan either (actually I hate him), I thought Travis was a little hot coming into that single rut. He was braking hard all the way into the turn. He might have even went down without the nudge.He was looking a little anerved by RC in previous laps. I don't think RC deserved the boos either. Man if you were there, It was loud as hell. I have never experienced boos like that at a MX race.

Shoot, I remember when near T-boning was a part of racing. Not that long ago. How bout Bradshaw, you didn't want to get in his way! Todays riders, I think are almost courteous the way they pass. CAN I GET AN AMEN!!

im not a big rc fan either but does anyone remeber he did the same thing in 98 or 99 in the 125 nationals, where he used i believe it was jown dowd as a gaurd rail so he could make a turn he was going to fast through, and threw dowd into the bailes hard, i never liked him (rc)to much after that

RC doesn't deserve all of this bad press. He rides to win and will take the inside when ever he sees an opening. How many times has Mc taken out someone for the pass? As long as there is room and it is not a deliberate take out it is just racing. I have watched all of the great riders, DeCoster, Hannah, Johnson, etc. they all would take a line away if it meant another position.

Well Let's start off stating the facts. #1 I was at Indy, in the exact turn two rows up from "The Inncodent". #2 DV received an extremely large amount of "Boo-s" during introductions. #3 RC was cheered like a King during intros. #4 TP is the crowd favorite because: Where were all the top riders at before the race? TP was in the general admission crowd signing autograph's for three girls because he saw their sign that said "Travis, will you be my Valentine?" And the crowd responded to his presence! Right there he gained all 56,000 fans if he didn't have them in his corner in the first place. #5 The first 14-15 laps were the tightest I've ever seen the Top 6 riders. #6 The inncodent occured, instantly the fans "Boo-ed" #7 Every lap after that a enormous wave of boo-s followed RC around the track. RC and DV took the white flag. On the landing of the finish line jump DV lined himself up perfectly, Block passing RC in the corner. #8 (NOTE: DV had the perfect chance to send RC into the crowd, but he didn't.) #9 The majority, if not all of the 56,000 fans exploded in cheer. DV completed the final lap being chased by deafening applause, then crossed the finish line with his arms pumping. #10 When the race was over, half of the RCA DOME crowd stayed in their seats to give RC their personal opinion as he was interviewed on the podium by the Public Announcer.

Now my personal opinion like it or not!

What do you think would happen next week if RC had enough hair on his chest to take LaRocco out? I think RC could have prevented it if he wanted to, but he knows that TP won't retaliate!

By the way I can only wish RC would pick on Larocco! I would pay to see the revenge!!!!

(remember the LAS VEGAS race two years ago?)

Anyway that is just my 152 cents worth, so happy reading! Enjoy your day.


RC has block passed "the rock", as a matter of fact Mike was considered one of the dirtiest riders at one time. TP will learn to protect his line and retaliate when he is deliberately taken out. That was a "baby tap" on TP. How many times racing have you been bumped or pushed someone else out of line to take over a position? It happens all the time and is what racing is about, as long as it is a clean inside move it is a "no foul" move. 95% of the crowd at the supercrosses are there to get wasted not to see the actual racing. That is why everyone hangs around the triples they think that is the show. The actual racing is being done in the corners inside and out and through the whoops.

Tommy, it sounds like you think that RC is afraid of Larocco. I think you sorely mistaken there. I dont think RC is afraid of anybody. You dont become a National Supercross Champion being afraid of anybody. On the other hand, if you dont think Pastrana is remember that, and retaliate, given the chance, I dont think you understand the kind of people racers are. Every guy in the top ten thinks they can kick everybody else's butt, without reserve. IF they didnt what would be the point? All this aside, what a great freakin race!

I don't like Stumpy Carbunkle because of his cocky attitude. I admire a more humble person like TP. I think that a lot of the fans feel the same way and thats why all the boos. My 2 cents, not that anybody cares LOL :)

Hey everyone, I'm back! Ok. One really quick question. What did carmichael say after the race?

I couldn't really hear him when I was there.

He basically said, "That's racing".

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