Do they still race at Clarks Branch?

I have heard rumors that Clarks Branch Was not open any more for MX? Anyone else heard this?

No more MX. They put on two races per year now. Basically on the same weekend in October. 10-23 & 10-24 this year 2004. GP on Saturday and at CC on Sunday.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Ace, thats too bad. I really liked the track.

Wow I grew up racing that track. Sad to hear :) You used to be able to ride there anytime with a small donation. I guess those days are over. Where do you so Oregon guys race now?

If I'm thinking about the same Clark's Branch south of Roseburg... I went through there today and the new Douglas Co. Arena is holding motorcycle races this weekend ( 2-21 ).I saw the add on their message sign going by.

Interesting.... that would be a mudfest for sure. I will give them a call and see what's up. I will post back here when I know something.


Hey dirtstif....whats with the MSN :D pop-up?

It follows you wherever you post!

Just thought I'd tell ya.


Looks like Rogue Valley MX park, and Sportsman Park in Klamath Falls has a 16 round high point series through the summer. Looks like I am going to be busy :)

I pass by the fair grounds every day and there is indoor kart races , i never seen anything about mx races so far. As for clarks branch, what i understand is the Huffmans own this and Washugal mx park. years ago you went to the trailer and gave a small donation to Ralf to race around, When Ryan (there son) decided to go pro they bought Washugal mx park and now put most of there time in to it ( what a beautiful place ). I too wish that they would start again, my son is chomping at the bit to race!!!. hope this info helps . jw :)

Left two messages over the last two days but have not got a return call.

Someone else also said they run a round for the Loretta Lynn qualifer there too. So that is at least two weekends per year.

Be nice to have somewhere like that to go and practice or maybe have a private TT event.

I'll keep looking into it to see what I can find out.


Had a message waiting from Kelly when I returned to work this morning.

She stated: "The Clarks Branch Motocross Track is permently closed however we do open it for two events per year... Loretta Lynn Qualifer at the end of March,April, or beginning of May depending on the schedule, and for the Off Road Series in October. Watch the Washougal website for exact dates of the qualifer this year."

So there you have it straight from the Huffman family.

Hope this helps.


PS. Wonder if we could get in there for a TT ride??? :)

The rumor, I heard about the closing is that they dropped their AMA sanction, and had a guy get hurt bad shortly there after and insurance killed them? I also think that Huffmans dont actually own the property, but lease it from another party. I have never confirmed that though. I would think that whoever does own the property let you ride their without accepting $$, A TT ride could probably fly. I do know that Ralph Huffman is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. I met him at the Loretta Lynn's qualifier a few years ago, and talked to him for quite a while. He is passionate about motorcycle racing.

That's a pisser. I always wanted to try that stepdown double. Oh well......................

I always wanted to try that stepdown double

I believe that it is actually a tripple!!! :)

I have watched Damon Huffman do it a couple of times and he makes it look so easy!!! When I ride it in October (if they run the track the right direction) it is soooo intimidating!!!!!!!!! How the heck does he stop to make that right hand turn?

Anyway... I will investigate a TT ride at Clarks Branch!!

With the TT owners blessing of course.


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