Looking for YZ400/426 tank+seat to do make WR 400 conversion

As the title says im looking to cut down on weight on my wr400..looking for a good yz tank and seat to fit on my wr. Does anyone know if the 99-02 yz250 seat/tank will work on these 400s? 

Also open to any other ideas on weight reduction for my bike since im only 160 pounds and 5' 10''. Any help is appreciated as im looking to do this ASAP.

I know on the 1999 WR's they were interchangeable with the YZ's.. I used to have both but have since given away the YZ stuff as I only wanted the longer range of the WR tank.


You had to change BOTH the seat and tank but they did work.


Not sure on the other years but you could get a pretty good idea by going to the Rocky Mountain ATV site and pulling up the part numbers for those years and seeing if the 02's were the same as the 99's. Then look at the YZ vs WR parts numbers.If the '99 and '02 WR seat and tanks are  the same I am sure they would interchange.


I do this quite a bit....does take a little time though.....but it gets you there!

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