Yz450f rebuild help

Well no I drained the oil and coolant before removing the cc cover so that couldn't be it

You're not following.  The leak that caused your oil to get contaminated was at the crankcase cover gasket and O-ring, not the water pump.

I don't understand. Why do you suggest those seals were leaking? I didn't even replace those seals just the impeller seals and it fixed my problem

You had the right cover off to replace the shaft seals.  You put it back together with the old gasket and O-ring? 

Yes that is correct. But I found the coolant in my oil when I drained oil before taking cover off.I know its frowned on to re use gaskets but I did any way and no leaks

Turns out it was one of the dowl pin o-rings between the right crank case cover and case or the one between the cylinder and crank case. Wasnt sure which so i replaced both o-rings and dowell pins. Completely solved my issue. Thank yall for all the help!

Ride on brotha

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