Need some advice

Hey guys I'm fixing to get a 09yz 450f I'm wondering what kind of problems do they have I've read a lot about them and they seem pretty bulletproof

I got one about two months ago and I love it. But my rod just broke but it had a lot of hrs on it. I love it, it's my first four stroke

That sucks this isn't my 4 stroke I race mx and enduro and hair scrambles I haven't had a 450 off road but I have on the track and I love the power suits my riding style better but I am Trying to figure out if their is any problems with this yr model have you heard of any?

No I hear that the are bullet proof I ask on here what was the best kit to build and a guy said if don't have 300 hrs on it don't wast your money

The guy who said that is failing to consider the fact that bikes that are ridden recreationally and bikes that are raced regularly wear at differing rates.  How the bike has been previously maintained has a bearing on things, too.

I'm not sure about the hrs on the bike I'll be the 3rd owner of it the guy who had it last is a older gentlemen and said it's just to much for him I have rode it and it starts easy and runs strong I just know the last two bikes I had one was a 04 rmz 250 I had tons of transmission problems out of it and if I knew the problems it had I wouldn't have got it in the first place so that's I'm asking just a little gun shy lol :) I would also like to know what recluse clutch could I run to help with stalling but not take away the manual clutch for mx

The YZ has no particular weaknesses, really, but they don't suffer poor maintenance well.  Cheaping out on oil changes usually ends up with early crank problems, or a kinked cam chain, and either one is begging for $2500 in trouble.  Use good oil, change it and the filter often, and keep the air filter clean.  It will last a long time.


Any of the currently available Rekluse clutches allow the use of manual override for stuff like launches and that. 

Alright thanks for the advice I'll prolly run amsoil in it and I usually change my oil every other ride along with cleaning the air filter

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