09 wr450 part identification help

Anyone have a name or part number for these plastic rings? THANK YOU


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Those are Doo-hickees.


Yamaha no longer sells those parts, according to their parts fiche


Contact KYB

I thought KLR's were the ONLY bikes to use Doohickeys!


 I am not even sure what those are? Some kind of fork sliders for the lower fork guards? Why the metal inset into them?


 I built something similar to those that I put onto my '03 fork lowers  back when I installed CF fork protectors. Built them out of Nylatron (which is a black plastic material) so they would match the fork guards. Split them so they can be installed/replaced  without taking fork apart. They sit in that same groove where the old fork protector guides bolted/clamped in. 

Kah Ran Nee,

I looked through that list of parts you linked to but the part in his photo is located on the outside of the outer fork tube. I do not see a listing for that part in that link.

I did search around some in an effort to find somebody who manufactured a similar replacement part back when I needed them but failed miserably....that was why I ended up building my own. I have noticed the ones I built ARE wearing from the action of the fork. Fortunately they can be turned on the fork a little about every 5-6 rides to get the wear in a different spot. I guess that is why the ones in the picture have that metal insert?

I did check Rocky Mountain though and you are correct....they no longer make that part!

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