2015 YZ 450 harescramble/enduro bike?

I wouldn't do it. Tried to make the 450's work for 2 years in the woods and it just didn't work out for me. Alhough the fueling on the 2015 is much better than my 11 and 12's were, I do not plan on racing a hare scramble with it. First gear too tall, 2-3 kick starts (more when hot), and the overall weight are just not conducive to great lap times. If you're a top pro, it's manageable, but otherwise stick with the 2T or go with the 250FX.

This discussion reminds me why I went to the yz from the wr years ago. At that point I felt like the weight and suspension were really holding me back, after getting into a yz I know I made the right choice. Even stock the suspension allows me to get away with things the wr would have bucked me off for doing. The faster you go off road the more it rewards you and it takes hits that most woods bikes can't. One friend has had his 2014 300xc revalved twice by a very reputable company I won't name here and he's still not happy. Every time he complains I just laugh knowing I spent 2k less on my yz and didn't have to modify the suspension. Another surprising point is that when we're all chugging up an impossible hill or through tight woods my bike doesn't boil over quite as quickly. It's bad enough at times that 2 or 3 of them have installed fans. Not saying the yz doesn't boil over when you abuse it, just seems to take a little longer.

Change your coolant out with Evans and you will never loose a drop. Boiling point is 375*. Yes you need to be smart and know when your motor is to hot to push more.

I like my yz because it's a race machine with great suspention and a nasty fast motor .I like to go fast not nessacerally cruze through the woods I also ride track, open desert and tight steep rocky sections. so that's why I got a yz not a wr. Yes you have to pay more attention to the clutch while at low speed which can be fixed .The suspension has saved my ass big time a few times for instance I've been 5th pinned through the desert and have come across small deep wash were I had no choice but to pin it and hold on it sucks it up..and I always seem to come out lucky (knock on wood) if I was on a wr I would be OTB and into the hospital . If I just rode enduro and cursed around I would have bought something different. But sence I ride many types of terrain and the bike does well all around which is what I want. We're as if you took a wr on the track it would take alot more effort to get it were you want imo.

I ride/race a 14 yz450 in the desert and love it. But, I wish it was more agile at times. I have never heard anyone refer to the yz as being nimble, and I would think that would be one of the most important characteristics for a woods bike. The yz corners well if you set up for the entry properly. That is not a problem on an mx track, but stuff has a way of sneaking up on you when off road. I think this is where the euro bikes and 2 strokes tend to excel.

I use my 07 YZ 450 in the tight woods and trails here in the UP and love it, but i learned on an xr 400, which i also loved till i got the yz. 1st couple rides i stalled alot but now i hardly ever stall it. Mine starts first kick easy, way easier then the xr did. I will put evans in  it, has skid plate and bark busters, maybe a recluse someday.

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