Fmf mega bomb header

Okay I have a 04 yz450f and it has a fmf mega bomb header, now where the header attaches to the head of the engine it has a flange that bolts on but it does nothing to hold the exhaust on the head, there are 2 springs that hold the header it's self in place. Are the springs really the only thing that hold this together I will get pics after work to better describe thanks

Anyone have any ideas on how these headers are suppose to be mounted




Usually the flange is part of the header and is above the part that is expanded, like the pic below so that tightening the flange pushes the header up onto/into the exhaust opening.  :confused:



I know that's not the same year pipe.

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Not on the FMF.  The flange is a separate part that bolts into the exhaust port.  The pipe then slips into it and is held there by springs attached at two points on the pipe and up to 4 on the the flange.  (See arrows)


Okay that's a relief thought it broke as it has a couple dents on the bottom I will be buying new springs anyway these have seen better days

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