I have set of dual chamber forks that came off an 04 yzf 250. Are they usable on a 450? Mines an 03 so I'd need a set of triple clamps from an 04 450 but was wondering if they'd be OK for a 450?

The forks on the '04 were 48mm single chamber KYB's, same as the '04 YZ450.  The difference in the 250F and 450F fork was mostly spring rate (the 250F had lighter springs) and a slight difference in valving.  I had a set on my '03, and they were an improvement over the original 46mm forks, but not a big one.


You can use the 250F triple clamps by pressing the stem down and out of the lower clamp and swapping it with the longer stem form your 450.

O great that's awesome news. Thanks again gray! I guess these forks I got on the 250 must be aftermarket because they are dual chamber

Well at least I think they are. They have two caps on the top instead of one. Doesn't that mean they are dual chamber?

Also did you say you had the 04 250 forks on your 03 450? Would it be better if I put the 03 450 springs into the 04 250 forks and then put it on my 03 450?

Any way sry for the mass of questions but what would you suggest gray?

If they are the '4 fork, the '03 springs won't fit.


If they are dual chamber forks, they aren't from an '04 anything.


Post a picture of the top of one of the fork legs, showing the "cap".  We'll ID them from that.

Here it is


And they are 48mm

They would be.  The forks are not '04's, they are '06 or later "SSS" twin chamber KYB forks.  You will need a set of triple clamps from an '06-'09 YZ450 to make the swap work correctly, and just before you spend a bunch of time and money on stuff, you should see if your caliper will bolt to it.  It won't fit right if the fork was originally from an '07 or later YZ250F or an '08 or later YZ450F.

O really eh cool. So the forks were on the 04 250 I have the whole bike got it for parts for 500 cas the rims and gas tank fit mine and cost a fortune on their own but any way I know the caliper fits because I actually just took whole front wheel with oversized brake kit on it and put it on my bike so I had to use the mounting bracket for the caliper on the two fifty and everything fit. Can I use the triple clamps off the 250 with my stem still?

I rode this bike before the guy I bought it from blew it up and it handled great

So basicly it must be off an 06 is what your saying by your earlier post right since it bolted to my caliper no problem

And so I can only imagine the 06 dual chamber forks would be better than earlier years but would they suit a bigger bike like the 450?

It's the same fork they use on the 450, all you would basically need are springs, maybe.  I say maybe because you don't really know where they originally came from.  They could have started out on a 450.   Get them on the bike and see how the springs work. 

Sounds good. Thanks again gray

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