22mm Offset Triples

Anybody have any first-hand experience with the BRP offset triples? 2mm offset change can make a significant impact on handling, as I've experienced with some streetbike stuff. I've seen the Off-Road.com write-up, etc. Just wondering if anybody here has tried them and can offer a first-hand account and assessment on whether they'd do it again after living with them for a while.

Just bumping this one back up to the top to see if anyone's tried the BRP or Dirt Tricks offset clamps on their WR.

i dropped the clamps 1/4" from even at the top of the forks and the change was dramatic if it turned any faster i would have put it back! try that first if you havn't, its free! :thumbsup:

Pulling up the forks affects ride height too. I pulled mine up 6mm but I don’t like the effect it has on rear traction.

Finding a ride height/weight distribution balance is an ongoing challenge when flat tracking. Although I am not flat tracking my WR, the same theory applies.

I am thinking about changing the offset to reduce trail and quicken steering without effecting ride height.

Let’s get back to the original question….Has anyone changed the offset with a different triple clamp? What about YZ parts? Is there a YZ250 bottom clamp that is different than a stock WR clamp?

Ride fast - take chances


I have the Scotts ... They were mainly purchased for the Virginia woods (VCHSS). They make the bike definitely more manageable in tight woods.

Cool, thanks for the post. When you say "makes the woods more manageable" - what exactly do you mean? Less offset on a smooth-tired bike generally results in more front end feel and a bike that seems to track better. Would you describe the 22mm offset in a similar way? This kind of stuff is always hard, putting a change in "feel" into words. Thanks for any more descriptive info you can provide on the change you saw when moving to the 22mm offset.

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