Bent head pipe

I looped out riding a wheelie and my 98' WR400 fell and bent the header pipe up towards the handle bars :). I didn't even notice it was bent until after I was done riding and was going to change my oil and noticed that I don't have to remove my header to get to my oil filter. Will this hurt anything? I didn't notice any loss of power. If so, does anyone have a stock header that they would be willing to part with?


Hurricane, Thats a good question. I removed my oil filter the other day and didn't have to loosen the pipe like I used to. After reading your post I looked at the header and sure enough the the pipe was bent right at the crease :) . The bike still runs great with no loss of power, I now have a custom header :D . Doug


That is exactly where my header has a bend in it. I guess it will be ok since either of are experiencing any loss of power. I'll let you know if I do.


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