Got my new truck..ready to rip in NJ

Anybody want to go riding soon in the NJ area? After relying on my good friend for a ride to the track for the past year, Im finally free to ride whenever and wherever. Also, anybody have suggestions for a ramp? I picked up an "EZ up" kit at Home Depot- The kit has 2 vinyl coated angled steel pieces that rest on the truck gate and hardware. You supply two 2x12's and bolt it together. It looks like its intended for things like lawn tractors and snow blowers but I thought if I connected the two planks (side by side), I could ride right up. Any other ideas? Thanks,


Thanks Hugh,

I got a Black 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad cab (4 full doors). Its got a 5.9L engine, 20" aluminum/chrome wheels, towing package, and best of all its got this fold out metal guard that protects the back floor when you fold up the back seats-perfect for muddy MX gear. It is MEAN looking! Its just so much higher than my buddies s-10, I never thought about a needing wider ramp until I tried to get my bike into the bed. There is no way that I can safely run my bike up a board and jump into the bed..Its like 33" high at the end of the gate. Thats why I was asking about ramps. I cant wait to see my bike loaded and ready to go! Good luck and get want you want--its worth the wait.


I rented a Ram exactly like yours last fall for a weekend. It was a 2002 4 x 4, red with the fully painted matching grill / bumber combo and 20" wheels.

Beleive me, people will slow down and take a good look with your bike is loaded up! ( it was almost embarrasing )

Take care!

Sure would be nice to have a new truck. One advantage of having an smaller truck is easier to get the bike in and out of the bed. I just use a 2X10. Here's a pic of me riding up the ramp. After I saw someone else do it, I realized how easy it is.


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I don't think the two boards bolted together would be wide enough to walk beside your bike safely up the ramp. Instead, I'd leave them apart and use 1 ramp for the bike and 1 ramp for you to walk up. I would recommend some grip tape strips on the boards because wood tends to be slick when it's got sand on it or gets wet. If you don't want to hassle with two full boards, I think you can get steps that slide into your receiver hitch. You could use that to step up into the bed while walking the bike up the ramp (depending on how tall you are :)

I had a similar situation with my Ram 2500 4x4 short bed. We'd bought an ATV ramp for my wife's 4 wheeler, but it was so steep it was unsafe to ride up. So be broke down and bought a flat bed trailer. Now the load ramp is at ~10 degrees or something, ridiculously flat and easy to load.

Way to go! I'm still trailering but look forward to having my own truck as well. I'm partial to a F-150 short box, 2 wheel drive. What did you get?

Here is me and my Ultimate Race Rig! I run a 1999 GMC cargo van. Us Dirt Trackers love them Vans! My YZ is behind my partners KTOOM. This picture is from the 2001 Pikes Peak Hillclimb riders reception at Apex Sports.

Trucks are cool but nothing beats a van to keep your stuff contained and away from prying eyes.


Roostn in Denver

Uhhh, maybe I could have posted a bigger picture! Whoops! I sent up the wrong size! Oh well, EXTREME CLOSEUP!!!!


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