***what plastics will fit my 08 yz450f?***

Just wondering what newer years plastics will fit on my 08 yz450f? Anybody try any plastic conversions yet?

The front fender is the only thing that's swaps out after 2009. In 2010 the reversed engine came out. Changing pretty much everything.

And the front fender requires re-drilling to fit.  When the bike under the plastics changes, the interchangeability goes away.

06-09 fits. The 06-09 with the newer front fender and number plate is IMO the best looking bike made so far. It's a must to do the fender swap but everything else looks perfect.

Here's my 09 yz450f with an updated front fender. Definitely one of the best looking bikes out there.



Yeah I got the updated front fender and rear fender on mine as well looks way better! I'd love to be able to up grade to the newer rad shrouds tho

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