Does anyone have an update on Byrnes condition?

Mike Byrnes in the 125cc class did a bad get off at Indy. Has anyone heard anything about him?

From Cycle News website:

Byrne Report

If you watched yesterday's ABC coverage of the Indianapolis Supercross (or if you attended the event in person), then you probably witnessed the scary crash of Michael Byrne in the 125cc main event. The Australian jumped off of his bike in the air over a triple jump (Buddy Antunez, who was behind Byrne, thinks he was having motor problems) and landed hard, then lay on the track for several minutes while being attended to by medical personnel.

We spoke this morning with OMS Ltd.'s Sharon Richards, who updated us on the condition Amsoil/Dr. Martens Honda rider.

According to Richards, who had recently spoken with Byrne¹s mechanic Dave Feeney, doctors say Byrne suffered a chipped ankle, a broken rib and two partially collapsed lungs in the crash, as well as a broken collarbone.

"Things are a lot better this morning," Richards said. "His lungs are doing much better, and Michael doesn't believe the doctors that he has a broken collarbone, because he's able to move his arm and everything."

According to Richards, doctors expect Byrne to be released in the next day or so.


Thanks for the report Tommy

I also watched the race yesterday on ABC and saw the too short replay and even if it wasn't a clear shot replay it look so scary that I feared two broken legs and others carrer ending serious injuries

Glad to know that he'll recover, he and Reed are the future if not already stars of Australian SX/MX


That's some pretty scarey stuff. Those high flying SX guys take some pretty big risks week after week.

Probably the most life-threatening injury they describe is the lung thingie. Pneumothorax (collapsed lung) can happen any time you have a chest trauma. Penetrating wounds, trauma that tears the lining of the lung, and inflamation that separates the lining can all cause that kind of injury. Broken ribs often do the trick. A chest tube hooked up to suction quickly fixes the problem.

That's one thing that always keeps me thinking. I know about all those injuries that can happen. Wish I was 16 again.

I am relieved his injuries weren't more serious....that was a brutal landing. I just knew the way his head snapped foward that he damaged his spine...thank god he'll be ok...

Thanx for the report tommy.

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