Wr400f. ...

Well, i just bought myself a 2000 wr400f, to upgrade from my current tt350.... got it for $1200 aussie, which seems to be about what they go for these days. In pretty happy seen as xr400s go for more and i rekon the wr shits all over them.

What mods are good and bad? I have removed the air box lid today, I might just ride it for a bit before I do anything else.

Definitely planning on pulling the valve cover off and checking the timing and valve clearances before i ride it too much

Pics to come

Aussie version much better than usa version stock. Less mods needed.

Put a good pipe on it.

Yz tank, seat, shrouds etc.

Led tail light for yz rear guard.

Do the YZ timing change (get an auto decomp YZ cam to do it properly)


Ride it like you stole it.

Cool mate, thanks, whats the reason for the yz stuff? Make the bike abit slimmer or something? Does the yz tank hold less fuel?

Had a little test ride today and its a rocket compared to the tt350...,

A little oil came out of the head breather pipe, is that normal? I only niticed because it could be seen in the bash plate.



The YZ tank etc is usually just cosmetic. There were 2 versions of the wr400. Big and small tank. Yours is small version which is almost same as YZ.

My 400 always puffed a little bit of oil out the breather. Not an issue as far as I know.

The YZ timing change does give it a lot more aggressive hit in power if that's what you want. Otherwise just leave it.

Awesome thanks mate, good to know about the oil as well. I think ill leave the tiing for the minute, just gotta sort my tail light out and get the jorn working, then its off for rec reg


The wr has supposedly got an aftermarket exhaust on it? But it has no name or anything on it? Ill post some pics later, but i thinking maybe a yz pipe would be just as good abd look abit neater? What model pipes will fit a 2000 wr400?


Looks like a Staintune exhaust. No real need to change it.

Main thing is to get the jetting dialled in. There is a lot of HP if you get it right.

Just take your time and only make small adjustments if needed.

My first WR400 was originally raced so already had jetting spot on. It was unreal... until bottom end died...but that's old bikes for ya!

I assume you know the starting routine, but if you find it difficult, happy to help.

Cheers mate, to start her up i ussually pull decomp lever, kick through 2-3 times, then find top dead center and push it just past using decomp. Then kick through and it ussually goes 1st or second kick..

Hopefully ill get some time to do an oil filter and oil change this week and check the valve clearances and timing etc just for peace of mind.


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