2002 YZ426F Need Carb Parts

Question 1: On the left side of my carb there is a plastic tee that shows up on the exploded view of the carb but it is not numbered.  That part on my bike is broken.  On the exploded view, it is the part that hose 52 fits on.  The hose is held on with clamp 49.  My Yamaha shop wants me to buy a new carb.  Dows anyone know where I can get this fitting? 

Question 2: The brass fitting wherethe gas line connects to the carb is leaking.  I have heard that when you takePan head Screw 38 out, you can pull this part out of the carb and it has 3 O-rings on it.  Does anyone know where I can find the o-rings and have I guessed the configuration correctly.

It's a beautiful day in So Cal and I should be riding not wrenching.

Look the O-rings up on the parts page for an '06 or so WR450. They're listed there.

The "T" is going to be harder to find. First check a company named Sudco. If they don't have it, you might look in the so called "self help" section at an auto parts store for a small vacuum T you can rig to work.

Thanks for the info!

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