'14 WR dies randomly, hard to restart/no start.

Did a 50 mile ride today and the bike began stalling on long downhill sections. Maybe it was coincidence that it was downhill both times? Made a 20 mile dash to the truck. Bike died just after I stopped, restarted easily but died after a few seconds. Would not restart and I just pushed it into the truck. It takes about an hour to get home and the bike had the same symptoms after having cooled off completely. After a little digging I noted that there is measurable resistance across the starter relay while disconnected from the battery. Ranged from 5.5-7.6 ohms. Could this relay be shorting out and killing the engine? Anybody else have this happen? 


Bike has GYTR ECU and powercore4. As delivered map in ECU. 

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Check these


1. gas cap not venting

2. defective tip over sensor 

3. shorting kill button

4. fuel pump connections are loose at the fuel pump

5. you have not been filtering your gas, and you have gas station debris clogging the pump and nozzle

6. bad clutch lever interlock switch

7. water in gas / bad gas

dirty gas/ clogged injector?

water in fuel?


if it dies and jumps on your fuel would explode in the exhaust,

you would notice that...

Thanks guys. I will check these things. It ran perfect today. It did occur to me that it could be the kill switch shorting out. I moved it on the bars. Will take it apart and check all the other wiring for frays or chafage.

What is your idle set at?  I found mine stalling here and there when the idle was turned down too much and the WRs are known for starting issues due mostly to a Fuel Injection setting.

Idle is at 2k. It shut off like I hit the kill switch. No load with clutch in, idle in gear, even up the rev range a bit it.

Lean angle sensor?

Mine stalls sometimes too when rolling to a stop.  I generally can't start it without pulling the idle adjustor knob out.

Drained the tank, cleaned it and filled it back up. Seems to have fixed it. Right fork seal is leaking a lot now. It's always gotta be something. _EDIT_ Upon inspection of the fork seal it appears to have a piece that broke out of the seal itself. About a 32nd of an inch wide, it leaves a perfect line of fork oil on the tube each time the forks cycle. The piece was in there floating around in the lake of fork oil. Seal change time.

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